Thursday, February 25, 2010


I promised pictures of Joshua yesterday, so here's one. Just trying to whet your appetite =P
My sister and brother-in-law went to Yellowstone over Valentine's Day weekend, and they brought back a moose puppet for Joshua. As you can see, he loves it. Thanks, Aunt Kirsti and Uncle Rich!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We're alive...

Just wanted to reassure everyone that we are still alive (though I hope most of you already know that). Things have just been really busy lately, what with school, jobs with opposite schedules, Cody's internship, classes at KOTM, us being sick...maybe someday we'll find time to catch up. I'll try to post some pictures of Joshua one of these days--that should make up for it, right? :o

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dexter Law

Cody decided late Saturday night to send his resume to a random law firm (he really needs an internship to complete his degree). The firm he chose was Dexter and Dexter, which is right here in Orem. Well, one of the Dexters (I believe they're brothers) called Cody Monday morning, they met on Tuesday, and he offered Cody an internship right there. Yay! It's unpaid, but will be great for his resume. The hard part is Cody has to put in 150 hours before the end of this semester, which means he needs to work about 15 hours a week.

So...we've been scrambling like mad, trying to figure out what kind of childcare situation we want--and can afford--for Joshua. We toured a daycare place but decided the pre-school setup was a little too advanced for Joshua, and his speech delay wouldn't get the attention that it needs in that setting. My sister Kirsti has been so sweet to offer a few hours on Fridays, and our neighbor Sarah may be able to do Mondays. I met with a few women this morning, and I think we've found someone to watch Joshua on the other days. So hooray, problem solved (almost--just need to work out a few details)!

Cody starts tomorrow. He's nervous, I can tell, but also excited to get a chance to work for such a versatile firm. Hopefully it'll give him great experience that will then land him a great job offer this summer!