Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Joshua is 4!

Our silly boy turned 4 on December 18th. We had a pretty quiet day, attending church that morning and then having dinner and a little party that evening with my sister and her family and her brother-in-law and his wife.

First off, we took a family picture in front of the Christmas tree:
Maggie (my niece) had a lot of fun with the static-y balloons:
I asked Joshua a couple months before his birthday what he wanted, and all he answered with was, "A red balloon." Wish granted!
Any guesses on what Joshua's favorite color is?
See that big smile on his face? I think he liked his presents...haha
Then, of course, he had to line them up, because he's silly like that. I seem to remember his Uncle Kendall doing the same thing with Easter eggs when he was younger...
What's in THIS one? :o
We have played this game almost every day since his birthday (except for when we were out of town). He loves it.CAKE!!!!
Hah...he looked so thrilled:
And a short video (Uncle Rich took it for us):
Let's see, what can I say about my silly boy? Probably the biggest thing people notice about Joshua these days, other than his size (which is huge--99.76th percentile for height, I think), is that he is an incredibly loving little boy. He gives the best hugs and kisses, says "I love you!" all the time, and loves to cuddle (or lay on people, which doesn't always seem super loving, but you get what I mean).

Joshua has tons of energy and loves to run around. His current obsession is Angry Birds, in case you couldn't tell from the pictures, and he enjoys building things and throwing things back and forth. He loves Play-Doh but would rather watch others make things with it than make things himself. He can recognize the entire alphabet, can write his name and most letters, and he got some beginner books for Christmas that he's learning to read ("BOB Books," I think they're called). He loves to sing and enjoys making up his own lyrics to songs.

We just love him and couldn't imagine life without him. Happy birthday, Joshua Logan!