Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day!!!

We had a quiet Valentine's Day around here, but it was just right for us. Dinner was Café Rio (I had black beans, fire-grilled chicken, and salsa...soooo yummy), and then we exchanged gifts after Joshua went to bed. First is the spread I made for Cody. That's sweet sushi on the left, made from twinkies, fruit roll-ups, and swedish fish, regular sushi in the middle, and red velvet cupcakes with peanut M&Ms on the right. Hey, if I can't have it, at least somebody in this house should get a little bit of the goodies that make up part of Valentine's Day tradition:
Close-up of the sweet sushi. I was pretty proud of myself:
Cody loved the sushi goodness:
And, of course, what Valentine's Day would be complete without flowers for the lady? :)
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!!