Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm 26!

Today is my birthday! And it's almost exactly 26 years ago that I was born...9:22am Pacific time, and it's 10:05 Mountain time, so yeah! I'm planning to take the afternoon off work so I can spend time with Joshua and let Cody get some sleep, and then Cody and I are going out to dinner while Shara and Brianne watch Joshua for us. It'll be fun! I can't believe I'm 26 already. Tomorrow will mark me being home from my mission for 3 years...which means I could have served 2 more missions in the time that I've been home. Crazy! Anyway, I never would have thought that I'd be married and have an adorable little baby by the time I was 26, but yeah. It's a great life, and I'm so very blessed to have a wonderful family of my own.

Just an update on things with Joshua--he seemed to have gone on a sleep strike last week, which culminated in him having one of the worst nights since he was a newborn on Friday night. He didn't go to sleep until after 11pm, and then woke up several times--he even was awake from 4:30 to about 6am, and then promptly woke up again around 8am. Silly kid. Anyway, Saturday night was another night of difficulty trying to get him to go to sleep, so we tried an experiment. We've been swaddling him since birth, because he wouldn't ever sleep very long without it. Well, we took him out of the swaddler, put him in a sleep sack, and decided to see how that went. He slept 5 1/2 hours straight! What joy! I know you probably don't understand how wonderful this is, but we are so very happy that he's finally sleeping longer stretches, and unswaddled at that. He's such a happy little baby (for the most part)'s a privilege to be his mommy! =)

Oh, and for the record, it's now 10:25am, so I am officially 26 years old. Yay birthdays!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So, I'm going to attempt to post some videos of our little guy. Please forgive the quality of these videos, as both were taken with my cell phone, which only allows around 30 seconds per clip. Anyway, here is the first video of Joshua wiggling around and eventually smiling (wait for it--it's a good one right at the end), which I took one morning while at work.

This next one is of Joshua babbling and cooing, which of course we think is the cutest thing in the world. I just love listening to all the sounds he makes! Oh, and sorry for the TV noises in the background...

By the way, Joshua loved watching these...I just watched them to make sure they worked, and he cooed right back at himself. So adorable!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I've been tagged...

Well, Tara tagged me in her blog, so I guess I have to do it, too. It's okay to have a blog post that's not centered around Joshua once in awhile, isn't it? Okay, here goes:

4 Jobs I have had:
Piano Teacher at Corona Music Center
Late night/early morning custodian
Human Resources Assistant
Secretary for Combustion Research Center

4 TV Shows I watch:
Seinfeld reruns
America's Funniest Home Videos

4 Places I have been:
Alberta, Canada
All over the US

4 People that email me:
My mom

4 of my favorite foods:
Ice Cream
Mashed Potatoes

4 Friends I Tag:

4 things I am looking forward to in 2008:
Being able to stay at home with Joshua
Hearing Joshua's first word (maybe)
Going to Florida
Commemorating two years of marriage to my best friend

Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy 4-month Birthday, Joshua!!!

It's hard to believe it, but our little boy turned 4 months old today. We learned his stats at his check-up--and our little boy isn't so little anymore! He weighed in at a hefty 17 lbs 8 oz and is 25.5 inches long. He's grown so fast! That's around the 90-95th percentile for weight. Funny thing is, he doesn't seem like an incredibly chubby baby. We think he just has really dense bones and muscles. He's getting so much more interactive, "talking" a lot, and loves smiling and getting all excited when he sees people he knows. He can roll over from his stomach to his back, and he's working on rolling from back to stomach (so far, he can get up on to his side). No teeth yet, but that's fine with us. He doesn't quite sit up on his own yet, but he can sure balance himself pretty well. He loves to kick his legs while getting his diaper changed, which makes those experiences oh-so-fun. He's just such a joy to have around, and such a sweet little boy. We love you, Joshua! Thanks for making the last four months so unforgettable! =)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The many faces of Joshua

Okay, so it's been almost a week since I've posted, and I promised we'd update at least once a week. Well, life is going alone just fine. Joshua turns 4 months old on Friday! I can't believe it! He changes pretty much daily, and it's such a joy to watch him grow. Here are some pictures displaying his many moods:This is his "I'm just chillin'" mood, sitting there and sucking on his hands. He didn't even seem to mind us putting the burp rag on his head. Silly kid.
This is his "Something's wrong, but I'm not sure I want to cry about it just yet" mood. I love love LOVE this pouty face, and we finally caught it on camera. Priceless.

And this is his "Yay, it's my mommy (or daddy)!" mood. I just love that little smile, melts my heart every time. What a cutie! I'm so proud to be his mama!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I've been debating about starting a blog for awhile now, but I finally decided it was time--mainly because everyone keeps telling us we need to let people see how Joshua is growing (I'm not pointing any fingers). So, here we are! Just to give a brief update for anyone who doesn't already know, this is what's going on in our lives. As of right now, Cody is going to school at UVSC (but the semester is almost over! Woohoo!) and working the graveyard shift at The Generations Network. That's 12am-4am, people. Poor guy hardly gets any sleep. I still work full-time for the BYU Advanced Combustion Engineering Research Center...yeah, I know, it has SO much to do with my BA in Humanities. Oh well, at least it's a job, right? And we juggle who watches Joshua, our adorable little son. Usually, I watch him in the mornings while I'm at work (he's usually pretty good, for the most part) and Cody watches him at home in the afternoons. Joshua is almost 4 months old now, can you believe it? Anyway, so that's a brief summary of our lives right now. We are now members of the blogging world! Everyone can now rejoice. Yay!