Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Eggs!

We colored eggs on Saturday! And I have to say, it was a lot easier than last year...only one broken egg this time around :) Joshua was much more gentle and really seemed to enjoy making them colorful. Some pictures! First off, check out that spread. I don't think we've ever gotten a box with 9 different colors in it!
 That's me drying off the eggs so we could color them...no makeup, hair in a ponytail...oh, yeah, I'm hot.
 Which color to do first?

 My two good-lookin' men! Aren't they handsome?

 I love the smile on this kid! He's so photogenic!
 I'm not sure how we'll eat all those eggs, but it was sure fun coloring them!

It was definitely a fun Saturday afternoon activity for the Alleman clan!

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Brianne said...

I absolutely love hard boiled eggs, so if you need help eating them, I'd be more than happy to eat some of them for you =) And it looks like you had a great time! Also, you were all wearing green. Just wanted to point that out. Haha