Monday, June 11, 2012

June Shenanigans

So, what have we been up to lately, you ask? Well, I for one am simply loving the nice weather we have been having. I've taken to eating my lunch outside on the grass underneath a shade tree, and it's beautiful! I just have to stay away from all the places on campus where EFY kids like to congregate :)

We went mini golfing with my sisters (+ sister's family) a couple Saturdays ago. We got some good pictures, so I figured I would post them here for all to admire. First up, we've got Maggie looking stylish in her mom's sunglasses:
I started to get a little weak towards the end (still haven't noticed a huge difference with the iron pills, but hopefully soon!), so I went to go rest on the benches while Uncle Rich and Aunt Brianne helped Joshua finish up the holes:
 Maggie sure did love that ball and playing with the flags!
 I just love his face here. It's almost a grimace :P
 He got pretty good towards the end of it!
And I had to post a couple of bath pictures. I tried my best to make them was actually Joshua's idea to take a picture with all his bath toys, and he just happened to gather them in a very strategic place :P Isn't his farmer's tan great? It looks even darker in reality.

Oh, and a picture of myself, because there aren't any in the above ones. Yup, that's me. Aren't I one hot mama? :P
 Life continues on for the Alleman clan! We're looking forward to summer, that's for sure :)


kari said...

You are SO "one hot Mama"! Very cute pix. I love the farmer's tan, but I love the farmer inside it more. As for the golf, excellente. Hope you feel stronger and more stamina-ish. Take care of yourself, Hot Mama. Love you.

Brianne said...